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Now here's something you don't encounter every day. A Knife for the Ladies" is a genre hybrid between western and horror. No wait, let me specify that even more, it's a western mixed with strong and typical giallo trademarks! Of course, you can't really be sure if this was intentional. Was director Larry G. Sprangler even aware that overseas, in contemporary Italy, the giallo existed or was it just a lucky but coincidental choice to provide this film's killer with black leather gloves and make him/her hunt down lurid women with a sharp knife? It also doesn't matter that much, as the combo works quite effectively! A Knife for the Ladies" is a heavily flawed film, mostly suffering from a pacing that is far too slow and a very poor use of western decors and set-pieces, but the plot is still an engaging whodunit and the murders are reasonably grisly. The town of Mescal is plagued by vicious murders and, so far, the bodies of three women have been discovered with their throats slit. The town council decides to hire private detective Burns to find the culprit, since Sheriff Jarrod is too incompetent to solve anything except for wrongly parked horses. Burns runs into a few suspects, including a morbid undertaker and the nasty saloon-owner who secretly aspires to become sheriff, but meanwhile the murders continue. "A Knife for the Ladies" is a recommendable effort, especially if you're into obscure and experimental 70s horror, but you'll have to accept the snail-pace, the lack of directorial style and the poorly created western setting. On the bright side, crazy-eyed Jack Elam is always a pleasure to watch and the denouement is vile and twisted in good old-fashioned Giallo tradition (albeit somewhat predictable if you look at the poster images.

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So many trailers, ALL total and utter pieces of CRAP, to put it nicely. 5 Best Pocket Knives - Jan. 2020 - BestReviews. 20/09/2019 You want a pocket knife for one seemingly simple reason: to keep on you for when you need it at a moments notice to perform any number of tasks, from. Pretty sure this was done. what was that name of that movie. hmmmm. OH Pearl Harbour. The Knife. Best Pocket Knives, Pocket and Folding Knives. Smh this why he wanted to stay with penny 🤦🏽‍♂️.

So many A-listers, and it's from the director of The Last Jedi, too. My expectations will be subverted to hell and back and that's what you gotta do in a whodunnit story.

They look pretty average to me 🐖💨

This actually looks really goooood. For a deep reason in my past life I cant handle wars. I died in one years ago. I cant watch them these movies dont help people they cause fear. So far as im concern, this is a movie about cap living out his time travel shenanigans. meeting 007 posing as a investigator cos the world dosent need saving that week.

Now, Rach these little women. How little are they? I mean, are they, like, scary little

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