For Phone HeavenS War Full Movie Genre Musical

January 3, 2020, 9:58 am

Heaven's War imdb 1885325



This film is a supernatural thriller and packs a powerful punch, blending a CSI style storyline with the spiritual realm. This is a unique Christian film, with a strong Gospel message and some great special effects. This film is gripping and will open the eyes of those who watch it. Look, I haven't seen this film yet, have no bias, no formed opinions.
But one thing seems rather obvious: I learned a long time ago if you don't like anime, detective films, or horror, don't watch anime, detective films or horror. SIMPLE SOLUTION.
I find most "religious" films to be trite, overly preachy, or downright ridiculous. But that's not because I'm against the concept from the get-go. In the genre of this film. if you as a viewer are not Christian, in some cases obviously Anti-Christian, are not a believer, and don't like these kinds of films. why waste your time watching them and our time reading your bigoted, biased and useless "reviews" I mean, get a clue.
That said, I plan to ignore the opinionated haters and watch this film from sheer curiosity. It may be sheer tripe as some claim, but I'll decide that based on plot, storyline, directing, acting and presentation- as any movie should be rated- not on my personal bigotry regarding faith-based beliefs.


Out of the Darkness.