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January 8, 2020, 4:48 pm


Series Rewatch ‘Luxury Lounge (S6A, Ep7. [‘Luxury Lounge. is one of those few eps that seem to end up on Best/Worst fan lists equally. Personally, its in the lower tier of my top ten but I sort of understand why some viewers dislike it: too many gag moments and the perception of not all that much happening in between. However, this to me is when S6 started outwardly acting as the final season with one characters arc coming to a close as he finally finds happiness in his own self. The opening sc.

I'd been waiting for this to come back on television for years (really years) because I had seen only part of it years ago and like Stephen Collins and Donna.
Recently, Hoorah (I thought) it came on Lifetime Movie Network
It was on late at night and I set time tape, thinking it was the normal 2 hour movie. Well, next day, I was really into the storyline and the Clee and Nicky characters while watching it and cutting commercials, when I Sadly Realized, oh my Gosh. this is over 3 hours (with commercials) and my tape (timed) ran out after 2 hours.
I would so much like to find it on Tape and purchase OR Borrow, so I can add ending to my tape. PLEASE, If anyone has it, Please write me direct. Please Put "Remember Clee" in Subject line so I know it's a mail to read and Not delete.