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January 18, 2020, 6:51 am


Nine ½ Weeks





The eighties was a decade which gave illusion to the fact that old values were back, and, the sexual revolution was reminiscent of the values which were seemingly more pertinent to the radical, counter culture era of the 1960's! In 1986, Ronald Reagan was President, and the oxford clad camaraderie, which was indicative of the 1980's, sparked a resurgence in naivety! The avaricious demeanor to the eighties evoked an interpretive translation to wanting everything, once the bedroom door closed, these same ambitions prevailed! The fact is, that in the 1980's, novice sexual excursions with the non conventional were alive and well, and, the proverbial horse was let out of the barn for good and keeps! The truth is, that after punching straight Republican ticket, this same person could have gone home and engaged in a wild orgy! Socially salacious isolation afflicts virtually everyone, and sexual proclivities satiate all walks of life, no one cultural stereotype is immune! This is what the movie "Nine 1/2 Weeks" dealt with! Suffice it to say, this film fascinated the core 18-32 movie market audience!
Mickey Rourke and Kim Basinger are WONDERFUL! in this movie! It is all about a ghoulish curiosity concerning the taboo! What titillates the hedonistic carnal fancy? How far are we allowed to go? However far, let's go further! They might use the aspects of variational experimentation as a sophisticated subterfuge... however, the fact remains... these lustfully induced desires have made these two people no more civilized than timber wolves who happen to have a Fifth Ave clothing budget! The moral disengagement which has besieged both Kim Basinger and Mickey Rourke has left a bevy of unanswered questions that they are petrified of responding to! Kim Basinger's perpetual subservience to everything has welcomed in an onslaught of psychological repercussions which have precariously nurtured her overall insecurity! A dangerously lethal prerequisite to cosmopolitan living seems to encompass the element of intricate sexual detachment from day to day both parties involved, New York City has provided a cold shoulder which is null and void of scruples! This objective imperviousness has accommodated these emotionless charades of sexual deviancy all too conveniently! Mickey Rourke's callous gratification finally barrages him with recriminations! At some point, he may not have his cake and eat it too. Literally. Those are the ground-rules!
I loved this movie. Kim Basinger is absolutely beautiful! In so many of her films, she is so beautiful, that the rest of the movie usually seems uneventful! This movie's double-entendre to so many food items, accommodates an intrigue to this film that captivates the movie goer, particulairly if you are a man. The bottom line is that this film illustrates how sexual depravity often times makes you uncomfortable with the type of person you have become! By and large, your sense of immediate fruition is very dehumanizing... For Mickey Rourke and Kim Bassinger, their dubiously intuitive dispositions seem to assuage their decrepit sense of moral imperatives! These two characters were victimized by their own indulgences, and decimated by the causes and effects of clinical debauchery, but once again, those are the ground-rules. br> "Nine 1/2 Weeks" is an Eighties classic. Conservative values were for magazine rversion is a candid activity for people who have had more than four drinks in an evening! Terrific acting, and the artistic unconventional-ism to the entire genre of this film, makes "Nine 1/2 Weeks" totally fabulous entertainment! See it if you have not seen it already! While this movie is mild by today's standards, there is a mystique to this film that sufficiently quells the yearning to partake in the very macabre and nonchalant recreational activities associated with casual sex! Nine 1/2 Weeks" expedited a myriad of deranged sexual mannerisms very effectively! Ultimately, 9 1/2 Weeks" sufficiently conveyed its deliberately disconcerting message of: The fact is, sordid sex, is indeed, an ersatz alternative to a healthy relationship.