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December 27, 2019, 4:07 pm










Amazing. I hope this will air on Netflix or HBO 🙏🏼. I guarantee Captain Quint's Indianapolis scene in Jaws is a million times more interesting than this entire movie. Il just wiki this. (Ios) vues. I loved it sooo much! Does anyone know what the name of the music is at 13:11. I love the first time see the episode 1 and so I want to watch all the episodes please make more videos please please I want to watch the episode 2 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏😊😊😊🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏.

Ahh awesome! Cant wait until it comes out, the animation is breathtaking

It's kind of messed up that the baby wasn't his. This plus the o2l movie ahhhhhhhh. Wait a minute, so people paid for the production all the way and you still ask for money for who want to watch it. (Ios) que les. (Ios) à dire. Just look up Reinhard Heydrich's cause of death and you already know the ending of the movie.

Time of year correct, mix of people correct but his name incorrect. No letter in his culture, language and not English but of Hebrew origins. His name isYahawasha not fo sound but for what each letter represents. His name in Hebrew is Salvation Transliteration: yĕshuw`ah Pronunciation: yeshü'ä Part of Speech: feminine noun Root Word (Etymology) Passive participle of יָשַׁע (H3467) TWOT Reference: 929b Outline of Biblical Usage: salvation, deliverance welfare, prosperity deliverance salvation (by God) victory. Christ, this movie SOUNDS interesting but this trailer is just BAD. Cage looks great but the CGI is strangely awful and the editing in this trailer is just really odd and jarring, cmon this story deserves more justice.

(Ios) à faire. I cant wait for the episode. Ur animating is so great that idc its taking so long. What are you most excited for in War of the Chosen? Let us know in the comments, and don't forget to give us the thumbs up and subscribe. (Ios) la plus. The Japanese are extremely disciplined adversaries, sir Yeah, Thanks for telling me that, I've only been fighting them since the start of the war. Diclhead. (Ios) one. KILL 6 STRANGERS TO SAVE 1 SIBLING. WELL IT KIND OF MAKES SENSE. Was about to do some animating Gets notification on DJiceWolf Instantly presses notification. To those confused -This expansion is integrated into the existing campaign -Rebalanced previous expansions to work better with this new expansion -3 new classes. Reaper (Stealthly marksman/demolition) Skirmishers(Alien/human hybrid) and Templars (Psionic) 3 new elite opponents called the Chosen. Unlike the monsters from Alien Hunter DLC, the Chosen only get actions after you end your turn. They can learn from previous battles and even capture your soldier for interrogation. -New weapons, abilities, psionic abilities, facility. -Photobooth feature at the end of a mission that you can use to make posters for propaganda. You can choose to write your own caption on the poster.