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January 18, 2020, 9:52 am





Painful to watch in parts, excruciating in others, hysterically funny, inspiring, truthful. The theater here in New Orleans could NOT keep quiet. We clapped, booed, cheered, and yelled commentaries. At other times it was dead quiet as the chilling truth and smashing of sacred cows unfolded before us. Michael Moore shows the underside of all that has led us to the edge of this Trumpian cliff with no punches held; Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, the Clinton campaign, all are exposed. and yes for sure Donald Trump. The situation in Flint Michigan exposes the ruthlessness of the governor who fed Lake Huron's clean glacial water to the GM plant once the manufacturer complained the new water was affecting the automaker's vehicle parts, but continued to allow the poisoned water to be poured into Flint families' homes and children, 10,000 of them. My God. Shockers like this permeate. Timothy Snyder is interviewed close to the end as one-to-one parallels are explicitly drawn to "Good Germans" who allowed the Nazi's to rise to power including the unstated suggestion that the Twin Towers, like the Reichstag, was perhaps bombed in the interest of greater centralized domination, greater subjugation of the people. My favorite parts of the film were the inspiring recent history of the West Virginia teachers' strike and the gritty determination of the new candidates currently running for office, the new face of the new Democratic party being birthed out of the ashes of the over-compromising spinelessness of the current one.

Great film and disturbing to the unaware citizen, yet necessary and well worth the watch.