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January 7, 2020, 3:51 am


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A good cast, an American film shot and for the most part set (for once) in Canada. and a farce in the wrong sense of the word.
Maybe it's me, but I just don't find the whole let's-have-everyone-try-to-kill-everyone-else scenario particularly amusing (one reason why "Get Shorty" left me cold, though maybe if I ever see "Grosse Pointe Blank" and roll on the floor laughing I'll recant my stance. Even if I did, there's still the sight of Bruce Willis and Matthew Perry - the latter's considerably better on "Friends" than he is here, although this is still better than "Almost Heroes" the former can be funny, but not here (nor on "Friends, his guest appearance Emmy notwithstanding - he was better on "Moonlighting. br>
Natasha Henstridge is okay, but Michael Clarke Duncan does better in his second movie alongside Bruno - and it's impossible for longterm Rosanna Arquette fans like myself to see her in this movie without wincing in embarrassment (OK, it's a comedy, but she's playing a caricature regardless - and that dear. Maybe she didn't care much for the role either. The Whole Nine Yards" does have one redeeming feature; Amanda Peet's funny, adorable performance as Jill (interesting name, given "Jack & Jill. Perry's receptionist with assassin aspirations. There isn't much movie to steal, but she runs with it. (And as they say in America - and it must be said - she's hot...