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Here is a quietly profound polite new film set in Sydney 1959 about New Australians from Europe having the start of an effect that allowed Australia to blossom into a superb Multicultural era of the 60s and 70s. Hungarian fashionista Magda befriends studious teen Lisa at Christmas 1959 in a snazzy department store. This opens the eyes ears and world of this lovely clever teen whose backyard world reflects the cosy Anglo suburbia of the British Australian post was conservative 50s era. The ongoing revelation of this group of store and home characters is the repression of their former lives, whether under Nazi and Communist rule in Europe of the banal lawn existence of the Sydney suburbs and the small mindset and 'we won the war' superiority instilled by the cardigan politics of the 50s. Everyone has a new world to see or a lost world to them. One particularly satisfying subplot is between the two shop counter 20 year olds who show appalling narrow-mindedness towards education books and New Australians without it even registering at first. The other great subplot is the shy husband who becomes sexually overwhelmed by his gorgeous wife one night then cowers from his exposure which he believes would have disgusted her. His sexual repression of teen and childhood is hinted at enough for his sexual confidence to be beautifully harmonised and his marriage blossoms. This is an utterly gorgeous generous funny film with excellent satire and a very smart view of a welcoming country which had no idea it was rude to strange people, and Emigrants who found Australians equal measure funny and endearing. I absolutely loved it, and especially for its educated wit and good heart. Everyone must leave their repressed past and enter the 1960s future. This is just great.

Superbad remake. Wow. This looks great. Ladies in Black. So is this the female version of Superbad.


When the trailer is already this Bad i dont even wanna imagine how the Movie will be

This is the event after transformers the last knight. Vury scurry. HAHA YES. It makes you wonder what people who weren't dosed into illness and beyond would have been like before pharmaceuticals made our lives better. I find this incredulously offensive because of it's huge deception and what it's trying to give the audience an impression of. How about a movie about the other side. the parents the kids were stolen from? kids up for adoption are rarely perfectly healthy and fine.


George Harrison's, What is Life, is the perfect track to go with this trailer.




0:15 JIZZ IN MY PANTS. Ladies in black imdb. Daniel Radcliffe can't escape harry potter no matter how hard he tries, naked beside a horse? nope, people still call him harry potter lol. NO DANIEL! Can someone tell me why the kid did that plz. Dos putting my screen down and taking my headohons offcount as watching it. This actually looks cute. Can't remember the last Katie movie that was actually cute. Pretty sure there has never been one. No kidding, that was so effective, i havent had that kind of scare since the girl was screaming being chased down the stairs in Blair Witch, or Paranormal Activity.

So Mark Wahlberg is a comedy actor now.


I WANNA WATCH THIS. Why is it sideways.

She helped him by seeing his wife again like he helped her see her son

Oh god I'm a girl and this was way too much even for me. This looks horrible. Potter, I didn't know you had a son. Although, I'm quite shocked you didn't use 'Aresto Momentum' to stop the bloody train. I've seen the play twice, and it's really great! I must say the movie looks promising, exactly as I had imagined it in the theatre! Just hope they don't mess it up... Excellent horror. Very interesting and scary. Highly recommended. Never go full retard.

Oh hey she plays in Oceans 8 too

When he was looking out the window and she showed up omg freaky. It is amazing to see a wizard without magic. XD. Helena has still got it. Really cool trailer, I want to see it when it comes out, sign me up for this. Ladies in black 2018 imdb.



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