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January 14, 2020, 12:42 am

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I was so angry when the door knob broke off my front door. Wow this movie looks like a korean webtoon BASTARD šŸ˜‚.

I hope some dudes do this to hot chicks in real life šŸ¤—

Recommend a garage door knob. The next brazzer movie title. Some parts of The girl upstairs film by siddharth Katragadda werea my house in Bangalore. I think it's about a real story that happened in the USA, anyone remember? about the girl that was forced to obey her father and brother when they raped her and they had her captived in an underground basement. only reality is more shit than the movie because after she run away and went to court and had a lawyer, she had to confront with them in real life because they chose not to have a lawyer and those they made her look like a whore to the judges and mock the poor victim, forcing her to remember everything from when they tortured her. people in the comments say it's not a good movie. of course it's not, it's our fucked up life only someone was nice enough to take the worst up. and everyone knows reality is a bad movie.

Our 2015 Lifestyle 5th wheel came with one of these from the factory. love it! Didn't know they had models for baggage/basement doors. Will look into those. Thanks.
YAY! another movie about predators! you have 2 options: A) spend the 10 dollars it would cost to go see this B) go outside, or listen to the news.

Its reminds me of the mahnwa BASTARDS

My house is 28 years old. Walkout basement exterior door knob just fell apart. I live in an area with very little crime. Do I need to replace it with a locking knob or will a regular knob work. I never use the lock on the knob, just the deadbolt.
I just ate my breads and now I want to release all of them! The Hell šŸ˜”šŸ˜”šŸ˜µšŸ˜µ.

The thumbnail is from the movie ā€œpetā€. Just watching the trailer makes me feel as I watched the whole movie. I'm putting the finishing touches on my 1st rental rehab and about to change the existing locks out. I'm considering the Kwikset key control/smartkey deadbolts all around Image: and no keyed door knob - just pass-through/closet style door knobs so the tenants can't easily lock themselves out. Just curious if there are any pros / cons with this set up and whether or not I should do keyed door knobs too instead of keyles.

The xnx version is better. Wasnt this called pets. A hospital staff member got stuck inside of this restroom for 3+ hours because the door knob was broken and lock was stuck. The only way we could let her free was to create this doggie door. We all watched the whole movie, thanx trailer xx. Great video... Thanks for taking the time to record it. Rob, New Zealand. Wait so he chains them and rapes and abuse them? I'm confused. I think I'm planning on being too busy cleaning my toilet to see this crap. Mr. Grey. When you finally finish stocking two full boxes of hardware fasteners and door knobs. We had several RV's in our condo complex broken into - the thief jimmied open the double locks on all of them - no key was used as you could see the locks were all scratched up and slightly bent.Ā  We all had both the deadbolt and the handle locks locked.Ā Ā  My question is whether there is something we can buy to prevent break in tools from being inserted into those locks.Ā  If not, do you have any suggestions for a lock that is jimmy proof from lock picking tools or such.

Trailer. Enjoing real life with good friends and not the hell of this stupid film.





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