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Chu liu xiang 2001. Chu Liu xiang. Clans of Intrigue is an excellent suspense-mystery with all the high stakes action you would still expect from a Ti Lung-starring Shaw Brothers film. Here he plays a well known rich thief, blamed for the murder of the leaders of the region's three largest kung fu clans. He is given one month to track down the real killer to save his life. Yueh Hua is excellent as a monk you meet early on who turns into the most interesting character in the film. Wish I could say more about him. And one of my absolute favorites, Ku Feng, shows up for a few sequences as well. The sets they use are just gorgeous, especially near the end. Some GREAT surprises along the way. I've seen a few of the collaborations between director Chu Yuan and star Ti Lung and hope there are more out there. At the very least I have a few more from the director on my shelf awaiting a viewing.

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Chu liu xiang. Chu liu xiang 1995. Chu Liu xiang hui. Legend of chu liu xiang. Product description This retelling of legendary swordsman Chu Liu-hsiang is elevated by novelist Ku Lung's strong story, striking visuals by the vaunted director, but especially a first rate cast led by the majestic Ti Lung. He must hazard treacherous warriors and even a cross-gendered monk to solve the murder of three clan leaders. All that, and the presence of Nora Miao, fresh from her triumphs in Bruce Lee's films, made this a 1977 top-five box office hit and an amazing treat today. (SB-IVL) SYSTEM:NTSC / 1:2. 35 WIDESCREEN SOUND:MANDARIN / CANTONESE SUBTITLE:ENGLISH/ CHINESE

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