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January 2, 2020, 3:48 am

Les années lycée: Petites



Little Girl. This is too long overdue. We should be on part 3 or 4 by now. Ru: how do I look. AJ: like you need to eat something. Ru: I could learn to love you. Lol best line ever. Looks a little bit like a David Fincher movie.


Same creator of Gone Girl. Ok I am sold. My mother begs me to leave my room. Omg even James Mansfield is in this! And of course my queen Latrice. I just cried-laughed-sneezed literally at the same you Ru. As someone who suffers with agoraphobia, its nice to see it portrayed seriously in media. Every time I have to leave my house is a struggle. This looks terrifying though, for someone with this condition haha. Wow that gave me chills... I'm terrified. John Henry looks good. Wasnt the rock supposed to do this movie originally. I can't wait for this one! also, vision's wife is in this movie. Julianne moore needs to be in this film some more znd Gary Oldman looks old, man. What happened to Ludacris jaw in that picture I didn't see it. Literally got an ad for this movie even before the trailer started xD.