January 2, 2020, 10:59 am







Maybe in Argentina this film might be "ground breaking" DVD back cover "speak. but in this country there are many of us it will not speak to. Like many third-world and near third-world produced movies, their directors / writers think they're producing something of real substance and interest. Unfortunately, in almost all cases, outside the boundaries of those locations, that is not the case at all. even though US gay video production companies releasing these films would have you think otherwise.

Spanish. To play. More information. English. Londe les. Startup. More about online. I suppose if one has the sensibilities of an upriver, up-jungle Argentinean, this film might be interesting. But, someone like myself. raised in US culture. will likely not find it so. Primarily a work of pastoral, jungle river scenes and little dialogue, you won't find much in the way of action. And if you're a fan of the gay film genre, you'll find little of "that action" here (and what there is, lighting makes hard to see. Probably you will have to be, or "think" you are, an aesthete if you are going to enjoy this movie (and perhaps playing to that trait explains the reasoning behind the use of all-Black&White photography.







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