Jamie Fessenden The Sacrifice Pay Discount Tvos HDR [Tv]

January 15, 2020, 9:11 am





"The Sacrifice" is the first feature film by Jamie Fessenden, who wrote the screenplay, the score, and directed the film. It is a remarkably fine film: the acting by the leads is subtle and natural, befitting the New England setting. The director's eye catches many details that contribute to an understanding of the unfolding narrative of the film. The horror plot is more than clever and takes surprising twists and turns, much to the viewer's delight. The musical score caught me off guard, since it is so successful and fitting that it took me a while to realize that Jamie Fessenden had written it himself.
Disclosure: I play a cameo role in the film, appearing (sort of) for about five seconds. Except for the filming of those five seconds against a black background, I had nothing to do with the production of the film and saw none of its making. And I received no fee for my five terrifying seconds on screen - nor did I ask for any. Looking ghastly is its own reward.
On the other hand, I do teach interdisciplinary seminars at a nearby university and I can claim some experience in the history of film-making and familiarity with the horror genre. If his first film is this good, Jamie's future films ought to be first-rate and widely shown.