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Listen to the audio in both trailers where Fury meets Peter. Both of the phrases said have a different sound continuity than when he says Spider-Man. Make me feel like neither phrase is what's actually said in the scene. Ladies and Gentlemen, you have finally seen a movie before it's release. 3 words. I am Ironman The greatest avenger. This movie looks dumb but Im still going to watch lol Why? NOAH. The first time i watched this trailer i thought that the girl at 1:37 farts but she just swallowed Lmao.

Going to see this tomorrow, it looks fire. 🔥🔥🔥.


Imagery brilliantly displayed. How peter parker is in the same grade as all students, because he came back to life, 5 years after infinity war. John wick chapter 2 in time for the third installment. Come on guys I can't wait to see you do it.

You guys think this is scary? Ever heard of. THE HASH SLINGING SLASHER

Omg ally and Dallas from Austin and Ally finally get together. 2:38 The Scorpion King 🦂. Nothing is scarier than a dude doing the T-pose on the beach. Legends say Fast&Furious was once about street racing...


2:04 Joaquin phoenix walking up the stage to receive his Oscar for best actor. Idris Elba: Luther is the black superman RomanReigns: hold my beer Stone Cold Steve Austin: Really Roman? Thanos: hold my glove Heath Ledgers joker: hold my laugh. Just finished watching the movie. OMG! I cant believe he went to my school😵❣️. Aladdin: Genie. I wish for you to make me a prince Genie: would you like to be a fresh one. looks at camera.

I didnt even have to watch the trailer to know that I am DEFINITELY gonna watch this the MINUTE that it comes onto netflix because it has my baby Noah in it. Spider-Man, Back to home. We already know hes going to end up with Celia can we please get a love movie with a plot twist 🤦🏻‍♀️. Will Smith the well known face killed the magic all together. Id like to purchase some of your finest beer please? Translation of Fallen Fred- Edit: Fallen fred removed his comment.





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