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January 16, 2020, 6:09 am


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Peyote Watch stream online. Peyote watch streaming. Peyote Watch streams. SPOILERS. All kinds of issues going on in this one. Two dudes meet up, and end up taking a random road trip across the Mexican country-side, ostensibly to find peyote. Along the way, we watch them face issues like parental/emotional issues, passive aggressive behavior issues, class issues, coming out issues, among others. One has lots of piercings, and never seems to have any money. The other is pretty clean-cut, and has problems standing up for himself, and doesn't seem to mind doling out money; or maybe it was worth it to him to spend time with the other guy. love (or lust) makes us do wacky things. It's a little confusing. not sure if they ever DID find peyote, or maybe one just got over-heated in the hot sun. By the end, they point out the other's shortcomings, face up to them, and seem to hit it off. Written and directed by Omar Flores Sarabia, who had only done short films up to this point. Quite well done, but was a tad confusing in some places. They spend a lot of time discussing the history of Real de Catorce. was that all a true history of the town? interesting stuff. Anyway. good watch. showing on FilmRise channel.

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