Frozen File Sharing With Ger Ryan Google Drive [Phone]

January 10, 2020, 5:09 am




Im pretty sure I am not the first person to ask this but I want to know cos I am the only guy I know who actually likes frozen. And being in a society that judges everything you like and do, I have to play it off like I have no interest in frozen when I am around friends or people I know. And people are starting to question my interests when they found out I can recite any frozen ii song by heart :p.

A bunch of teenagers just left a showing of Frozen 2 like this

December in Norway can be very beautiful, the sun is setting over a cold and frozen lake OC [4910x3648.
While I save multiple deer stranded on a frozen lake.

A pencil drawing of Elsa from my sketchbook, that I wanted to share.

Frozen II Megathread Discussion

Frozen but instead the king and queen has two good dogs and their own product lines