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January 10, 2020, 2:57 am




Even though this cable-TV movie is a satire on 80's television, it's still funny today. In fact, it begs a remake. Network TV is much, much worse now than it ever was in the Eighties so there would be more to satirize - like so-called reality TV. What I like about this movie is it's fast and funny, makes its points, scores its laughs and then it's over in a tight 90 minutes or so. DeVito's direction is smooth, especially considering it was his first effort in feature-length comedy. (And the humor is much more pointed and sophisticated than his other TV satire, Death To Smoochy. DeVito's performance is also outstanding as the ethics-challenged Vic. The ugly duckling love story between DeVito and Perlman also works, and is surprisingly touching. Of course, the highlight of the whole thing is the hilariously mocking take-off on a typical 'affiliates meeting' when a network trots out its Fall shows, in this case three dogs titled, Hot Bods and Levar. Whacked Out, and 'The Dawn Patrol, a pretentious drama about inner city garbage men and their 'hopes, dreams and fears.' Add to this a once-in-a-lifetime cast - Steve Allen, Ronny Graham, Huntz Hall, John Megna, Gerrit Graham, Kevin McCarthy, Michael Richards, Jerry Seinfeld, the Voice of Selma Diamond - and you've got a real winner. So why isn't this on DVD.






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